0% sugar honey substitute

The 0% Sugar Honey Substitute is a syrup that mimics honey in its colour and aroma…but with a sugar content of 0%. This characteristic makes it a choice option for products catered to low-calorie diets, and thus could be incorporated into the daily diets of diabetics, or the health conscious, giving them the chance to enjoy the sweetness of honey.


It acts as a perfect substitute of honey in bakery, pastry products, etc. since variations on the colour and aroma can be performed if you wish so, if the customer wishes this product finish.


Benefits in products

  • It is considered as a SUGAR FREE product.
  • Reduced calorie content.
  • More sweetening power than sugar, which means cost optimisation.
  • It is possible to adjust the intensity of the sweetness according to need and use.
  • Improves the freshness and texture of tender products, since it facilitates water retention.
  • Contributes to creating a differentiated product due to its traditional honey flavour.
  • Colourless and/or odourless if the customer wishes this product finish.


Benefits in the processes

  • Reduced preparation time, decreasing manpower costs.
  • Energy savings.
  • Facilitates raw material traceability, storage and control.
  • Increases profitability in product unit use.
  • Process loss reduction, because you get a homogeneous product free of impurities.


  • Bulk 24 t.
  • 1.200 l. Container.
  • 7-8 kg. Jerry Can
  • 14-15 kg. Jerry Can


Dairy products and dairy derivatives

Bakery products

Industrial pastry products and biscuits

Cereals for breakfast

Sport and dietary products



Ice creams

Nougat and marzipan

Allowed claims

  • Sugar-free.
  • Suitable for diabetics.

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