Flavoured toppings

Our range of syrups of flavours is developed from sugar cane, that adding flavourings and colorants desired can obtain a syrup that provides an intense and differentiating flavour to your products.


Our syrup flavours are ideal as decoration of ice cream, desserts and cakes, as well as topping for smoothies.

Advantages in the products:

  • We develop original and exclusive flavours for your formulations.
  • Possibility of requesting aromas and natural colorants in your products adapting to the demands of the market.
  • Opportunity to develop an innovative and different from competitive product.


Advantages in the process:

  • Time saving and ease of finishing to obtain a finished product.

Ideas for your tastes


Flavours of Zukan syrups are found in the following flavours:

Syrup flavours

If you are a distributor or great surface and want to commercialize the product already completed, contact us to check the packaging options.


  • IBC 1200 l.
  • Jerry can 15 l.



Dairy products and dairy derivatives


Industrial pasty products and biscuits



Ice creams





Our speciality is creating the liquid solution that best meets your needs. A customised mixture exclusive for your product with which you will be able to optimise processes and get a differentiated product.