STEVIAdiet is a mix of stevia and maltitol conceived as an alternative to traditional sugar. With all the benefits of stevia, this sweetener can be used as a sugar substitute in products suitable for diabetics or for weight-loss diets, since it has a low-calorie content.
Advantages for your products

  • It is considered as a SUGAR FREE product.
  • It provides only 180 kcal/100 gr, while a similar product made with sugar would provide 300 kcal/100 gr.
  • Both steviol glycosides and maltitol are considered as non-cariogenic products with a low glycaemic index.

Advantages for your processes

  • Reduced preparation time, decreasing manpower costs.
  • Energy savings.
  • Facilitates raw material traceability, storage and control.
  • Increases profitability in product unit use.
  • Process loss reduction, because you get a homogeneous product free of impurities.


  • Bulk 24 t.
  • 1.200 kg Container.
  • 7-8 kg Jerry can.
  • 14-15 kg Jerry can.


Soft drinks and cider

Dairy products and dairy derivatives

Marmalades and jams

Cereals for breakfast

Sports and dietary foods

Nectars and fruit drinks



Ice creams

Nougat and marzipan

Allowed claims

  • Sugar-free.
  • Low-calorie.