Lylio® – Liquid whole cane sugar


Lylio® is liquid whole cane sugar produced by making the whole cane sugar undergo a dissolution, filtering and decolourisation process by means of physical and non-chemical procedures.


Its big advantage is that it is colourless, which facilitates its use in a wide range of products for which the traditional whole cane sugar is not adequate due to its colour. Therefore, our clients can maintain the label “natural” while they benefit from all the productive advantages of liquid sugar and their products keep all the beneficial properties of whole cane sugar.

Advantages in the processes:

  • Reduced preparation time, decreasing manpower costs.
  • Energy savings.
  • Facilitates raw material traceability, storage and control.
  • Increases profitability.
  • Process loss reduction.

Advantages in the products:

  • It allows to maintain the label “natural”.
  • Products with all the benefits of whole cane sugar.
  • Does not change the original colour of products due to its low colour (50-250 INCUMSA).
  • Homogeneous product.
  • Pasteurised and free of impurities product.


  • Bulk 24 t.
  • 1.200 l Container.

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  • 100% Natural.
  • Clean Label.