Custom made mixtures

In Zukán, we are experts in the creation, production and commercialization of specific sweetener solutions for our customers.


The incorporation of these solutions in the chain of production means several competitive advantages for the customer in the final product, in the production process and, in general, in the efficiency of the processes:

  • Optimisation of the production process: since it is a ready solution with specific requirements, it saves previous steps in the production process, which means a greater response capacity towards a specific demand as well as an increase in production capacity and efficiency.
  • Optimisation of production costs: The specific solution allows processes to be shorter, therefore, saving energy, workforce and making its storage easier since it is only one item.
  • Increase in final product profitability: These solutions enable producers to have a homogeneous final product, reducing process loss, and increasing unit profitability due to the fact that they have incorporated improvements in raw materials and production processes.
  • Differentiated and exclusive products for each product. Once the customised solution has been created, it becomes an exclusive formula for the customer, which means added value and differentiation from the competition.

Once the need of the customer has been detected, our R&D&I Department works hand in hand with our customers, studying and analysing their needs with the aim of creating a specific solution resulting in a differentiated and unique product.


  • Bulk 24 t.
  • 1.200 l Container.


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