Clarified fruit juices




These juices are the result of separating the solids from the liquid using physical processes and without adding any additives.

This natural process preserves all the benefits of the fruit, enhances the flavour and can be used to add a specific fruit and vegetable component to diets while replacing artificial additives, aromas and colourings.

Benefits for your products

  • They can be labelled as Clean Label products, no additives, natural, etc.


  • Increased product quantity of natural origin, thus supplying all the nutritional values of the fruit or vegetable.


  • Enables the development of products tailored to the needs of the client and application:
    • Textures
    • Densities
    • Colouring
    • Sugars profile




  • Fruit-based juices and drinks, especially those requiring a certain level of transparency.
  • Marmalades and jams
  • Ready-made purées and dishes
  • Fruit snacks for baby food
  • Syrups, balsamic creams, fillings, any kind of semi-prepared products in general
  • Biscuits and pastries



  • IBC
  • Tank


Nectars and fruit-based drinks

Marmelades and jams

Ready meals

Baby food


Industrial pastry products and biscuits

Permitted claims

  • 100% natural.
  • Clean Label.
  • No added sugar.