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Phytosanitary products

Phytosanitary products

All our products meet the quality standards for human food although they can be used as phytosanitary products too, depending on the needs of our clients.

Agricultural production is based, among other things, on phytosanitary products, which are of a great economic and environmental importance that cannot go unnoticed.

In the case of organic manure, adding sweetener solutions improves significantly the conditions of the plant in the event of nutritional lacks and also enhances the capacity of chlorophyll, improving photosynthesis.

They are also used for insecticides in order to improve the adherence of the product to the plant.

Whatever your need and the kind of product you wish to create, we research, develop and produce the sweetener solution that best meets your needs.


Natural and organic
Organic invert liquid sugar
Traditional sweetness
Flavoring and texturizing
Invert liquid sugar
Organic invert liquid sugar