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About us

Innovation, experience and a great team are the keys that make us leaders in the sector of sugar and sweeteners

About us

We are experts in development, production and commercialization of sweetening formulas, either from sugar or from other ingredients of natural origin, for different sectors of food and drink.

Our strength is our customers develop formulations that add value to their operational chain, improving costs and quality of the final product.

We are characterized by customer orientation, giving personal attention and a global service, adapting to the specific needs of each sector and client.

What we do

We specialize in solid sugars, liquid and custom mixtures,
giving a global service that covers all industrial phases;
always according to the highest quality standards.


    Our R&D&I department works hand to hand with our customers, studying and analysing their needs, with the purpose of creating a specific solution that provides a differentiated and unique product.


    Our premises have 60,000 m2 distributed between our production plant and our distribution warehouses.


    We work with a wide variety of customers from all sectors of food and drinks, adapting our range of products to the needs of every use and customer.


    Our location, with a great logistic extent and near the key markets, as well as our own truck fleet, allow us to respond with the maximum efficiency and quality to our customers located in the whole national territory.

We create specific solutions for our customers.

Solutions aimed at the development of new products that differentiate them from the competition and give them an advantage.
This teamwork benefits our customers in aspects such as:
Optimisation of times

Optimisation of production costs

Better product profitability

Lack of losses

Energy savings

Easiness and improvement of the production process

Corporate Social Responsibility

Committed with


We accept our responsibility in the manufacture of food products, so we meet the most exigent quality standards and strictly comply with health regulations.

Committed with

the environment

We use clean technologies and environmentally friendly processes, relying on renewable photovoltaic energy and cogeneration. We care for a sustainable development and for reducing our ecological footprint as much as possible.

Committed with

our employees

Human capital, without a doubt, is our big commitment. The development and wellbeing of our employees is a priority.

Committed with

our customers

Our customer’s satisfaction is the focus of Zukán activity, working closely with our customers, advising them according to their needs and involving the different departments depending on the targets.

Human team

In Zukán, we search for continuous improvement and constant evolution. That is the reason why our human team is our most valuable asset.


We care for the personal and professional growth of our employees and we value personal initiative as an essential element to improve in our daily life, particularly in our relationship with the customer.